How I setup Git in DreamHost
    Posted by sirajadmin on   24-05-2011 10:20

Server side

1. SSH to DreamHost Server

2. Choose a appropriate root to create the repo folder
when you ssh u will be by default under this directory
eg - /home/USERNAME/

3. Create a folder gitrepo under home/USERNAME/gitrepo
mkdir gitrepo
cd gitrep

4. Initialize a empty repo

git --bare init

Client Side

1. create a directory to clone the repo
mkdir test
cd test

2. clone the repository

git clone ssh://

3. change the directory to cloned gitrepo

cd gitrepo

4. create files in to this repo

5. add and commit to the repository

git add .
git commit -m "commiting new files"

6. push the commits

git push origin master



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