Ruby on Rails Installation and Setup guide
    Posted by sirajadmin on   01-06-2011 10:33

Steps to get the environment ready.
1. Install Ruby
Install it from installer (
Check version - ruby -v

2. Install Ruby Gems
Download ruby gems and click on the setup.rb file.
Check version – gem -v

3. Install Rails
gem install rails --include-dependencies

gem update rails – To keep the rails up to date

4. Setup a good IDE which does syntax highlighting.
Eclipse with aptna studio plugin
Komodo –
Always start through command line

5. Set up MYSQL as DB
a. Installing MySql
i. Download from MYSQL site. Install it as exe file
b. Creating database
i. After all the gem is installed and application basic structure is installed give the commond to create database
1. Rake db:create

6. Creating Application
a. Creating application using rails command
i. Rails new testapp –d mysql
b. Creating database using rake command
i. Rake db:create
c. Changing / updating database.yaml
i. Change / update DB details
d. Creating app structure using rails scaffold
i. rails generate scaffold User username:string password:string email:string ip_address:string user_type:string last_login:datetime
e. Migrating database using rake command
i. Rake db:migrate
f. Generating controller, models using rails command
i. Rails generator controller user
ii. Rails generator model user

7. Application specific details
a. Learning the magic of route.rb
b. Verb Path action used for
GET /photos index display a list of all photos
GET /photos/new new return an HTML form for creating a new photo
POST /photos create create a new photo
GET /photos/:id show display a specific photo
GET /photos/:id/edit edit return an HTML form for editing a photo
PUT /photos/:id update update a specific photo
DELETE /photos/:id destroy delete a specific photo

d. Learning forms
e. Learning post/get/delete/put method
f. Validation
g. User authentication
h. Association
i. Request and Response handling
j. Implementing JQuery

basic commands on Ruby
ruby script/server – to start the server
ruby script/generate model [name] - to generate model
ruby script/generate controller [name] – to generate controller
ruby script/generate scaffold [APP NAME] – to generate application with default model, controller and views

ruby script/generate migration table_name – to create a migration script on a table

basic commands on Rails
rails demo - to create a application called demo
how to update Rails
gem update rails – To keep the rails up to date

how to update Gems
gem update - to update gems
how to get rails console
rails console – see the irb console
how to run the migration
Rake db:migrate – to run the migration
C:\ruby\library> set RAILS_ENV=production
C:\ruby\library> rake db:migrate

C:\ruby\library> set RAILS_ENV=development
C:\ruby\library> rake db:migrate

Things to be handled before starting application.
1. Create the application skeleton – using rails command
2. Create the database
3. Configure the database - changing development, test, production db details
Things to achieve through migration
• create_table(name, options)
• drop_table(name)
• rename_table(old_name, new_name)
• add_column(table_name, column_name, type, options)
• rename_column(table_name, column_name, new_column_name)
• change_column(table_name, column_name, type, options)
• remove_column(table_name, column_name)
• add_index(table_name, column_name, index_type)
• remove_index(table_name, column_name)
• string - is for small data types such as a title.
• text - is for longer pieces of textual data, such as the description.
• integer - is for whole numbers.
• float - is for decimals.
• datetime and timestamp - store the date and time into a column.
• date and time - store either the date only or time only.
• binary - is for storing data such as images, audio, or movies.
• boolean - is for storing true or false values.
• longtext- is for storing long text

Set of commands used to create an application
rails new apptest - to create a new application
cd apptest
rails generate scaffold User username:string password:string email:string
got error saying sqllite3 gem is not available
bundle install
again scaffold – gave error
gem install mysql
rails new apptest –d mysql [ to use the default database as mysql]
gem install mysql2
rails generate scaffold User username:string password:string email:string ip_address:string user_type:string last_login:datetime
rake db:create
rake db:migrate
rails server

rails generate scaffold Blog blog_title:string blog_desc:string blog_detail:string user_id:integer posted_on:datetime
open migration script and change the reference for the user
t.regerences :user

rails generate scaffold Comment blog_id:integer user_id:integer comment_title:string comment_detail:string ip_address:string
open migration script and change the reference for the user and blog
t.references :user
t.references :blog

alter table tablename modify columnname VARCHAR(50) ;

Useful mysql commands
Select version(); - to show the current version
Select users(); - show the current users
Show databases; - to show the current databases
Use apptest – to change the database
Show tables;
Desc user;
Drop table user;
Delete from user where id = 1

Salm Umra Service
rails new salm -d mysql
cd salm
rails generate scaffold Agent agent_name:string agent_email:st
ring location:string phone:string country:string
rails generate scaffold Hotel hotel_name:string location:string email:string phone:string
rails generate scaffold Guest guest_name:string location:string agent_id:string flight_num:string airlines:string arr_date:datetime arr_time:datetime
rails generate scaffold Accomodation guest_id:string location:string checkin:datetime checkout:datetime hotel_id:string
rake db:create
rake db:migrate
rails s

To rollback specific migration
rake db:migrate:down VERSION=20111017190124



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