How I setup this website
    Posted by sirajadmin on   04-10-2011 17:32

<b>How I started </b>
First thing was finding a domain name. I was looking for some short name for my website. Unfortunately none of the short name was available. This process took around a month to decide on a domain name. Then to start with I registered <a href=""> </a>. I could able to add the functionality within a week spending two to three hours per day. Then started working on the UI. The real challenge was that, working on CSS and applying to the current site. It was nightmare. Each day I keep changing the UI. During this process I discovered that design is not my cup of tea.

By doing lots of googling in the net I could able to understand what this CSS all about. Started applying CSS and much of my time was spent on UI. Somehow managed to give a fair look to the site.

Next comes hosting plan. Which service provider to choose, who supports ROR hosting etc. By doing little research I could able to decide on Dreamhost. They had some free offer for three months and 50% discount by using the promo code. If you would like to get that offer ($ 72 Off from total bill) enter this promo code <b>D72PROMOFF</b>. Click here for more details <a href="">DreamHost</a>. It was a pretty good deal with them for me. I end up paying $35 for a year with 3 primary domains, unlimited sub-domains and unlimited bandwidth. The service is so far satisfactory even through here and there some glitch was there. Overall with moderate hits the deal is good as a shared host.

As it was a learning process of ROR I wanted to try our each and everything in it, including version control. First I setup the Git at Dream Host. Please refer my other post on “How I setup Git in DreamHost” on Technical articles section. It was pretty strait forward and it works perfect for me.



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