PHP Tutorial
    Posted by sirajadmin on   04-08-2011 09:43

PHP syntax : <?php ?>

Comments : // /* */

Variable : $text = "onetwothree";

output : echo $text;

Concatenation operator : . (dot)

Conditional Statement :
if (condition)

if (condition) {
}elseif (condition){

Array: $cars=array("Saab","Volvo","BMW","Toyota");


While Loop:
echo "The number is " . $i . "<br />";

Do While loop:
echo "The number is " . $i . "<br />";
while ($i<=5);

for Loop:
for ($i=1; $i<=5; $i++)
echo "The number is " . $i . "<br />";

foreach loop:
foreach ($x as $value)
echo $value . "<br />";

Form Handling:
$_GET - <?php echo $_GET["fname"]; ?>
$_POST - <?php echo $_POST["fname"]; ?>
$_REQUEST - <?php echo $_REQUEST["fname"]; ?>

Include File



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